The CaringBridge Project

In the rush of medical appointments and questions from loved ones after the symptom of headaches turned into a brain-tumor diagnosis, Caroline Wright’s aunt pointed her toward CaringBridge in 2017 as a way of sharing information.

When the tumor turned out to be cancerous, Caroline’s writing on CaringBridge shifted from providing updates for family and friends to recording what could have been some of her last words.

Caroline vowed to turn her posts into a memoir for her young sons, which she did, after surviving a year of treatment. She said the exercise of writing took her to a place where cancer couldn’t touch, and preserved her thoughts for the sons who might not remember her.

The CaringBridge Project, first self-published in 2018, was followed in 2018 by Lasting Love, a book in which Caroline shows how the bond between parent and child will last even beyond death.

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