Joy! Finding Joy in Every Day

“Joy! Finding Joy in Every Day” is a collection of thoughts and quotes on ‘joy’ to inspire herself and others to capture the moment and appreciate everything life has to offer.

Joy! Finding Joy in Every Day book cover

In January 2019, Nancy Allin Nelson was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. She came out of the initial blur of treatment newly attuned to finding and appreciating joy in everything around her.

Nancy invited her CaringBridge community to share with her their most joyful thoughts, which she compiled into a book also featuring her own photography and artwork created by her grandchildren.

Words of courage and inspiration from family and friends pair with Nancy’s beautiful photographs, with an ever-repeating message to choose and find joy. Nancy took those words of inspiration to heart, traveling around the country, and the world, making memories with her family as she lived with cancer.

Throughout the book, Nancy explores the peace and wonder of the natural world. From sandy beaches and forests of green trees to bright sunsets and the fluttering wings of birds, Nancy’s photography shows appreciation for small and big moments. Nancy’s book is an ode to gratitude. Her hope was for readers to, “find the time to focus on the many beauties surrounding you each day, and allow them to enrich your life.”

You can find “Joy! Finding Joy in Every Day” at Minnesota Children’s Press.

— Book review by Aly Haugen, CaringBridge Staff