Serving as a family caregiver, whether during a health crisis or chronic illness, is a noble, honorable and magnificent act of love. But caregiving can also be relentless, isolating and sometimes scary to have so much responsibility. So those who know the work offer their experience to help you navigate.

Caregiving Advice

How to Navigate Caring for Cancer Patients

Pictured above is Courtney Lamb, whose story is part of the CaringBridge How We Heal Series. While nurses, doctors and medical staff play a critical role in caring for cancer patients, day-to-day care…

Caregiving Inspiration

What Is CaringBridge?

Confronting an illness or injury is one of the most demanding, isolating things you can do. Family and friends are an amazing source of support, but constantly sharing updates with each and every one …

18 Best Books for Families With a Sick Child

No parent ever wants to imagine raising a child with a serious illness. You and your family may be experiencing anxiety, dread, hope, and even guilt. We’ve assembled a list of 18 of the best books f…