He’s Not a Kid With Cancer, He’s a Second Baseman

Seeing her 14-year-old son, Andre, play second base and centerfield for the Somerset Spartans Babe Ruth team after an off-season of treatment for recurrent kidney cancer represents more than Amy Beasley of Somerset, WI, can put into words.

“We thought there was no way Andre could go through this much chemo and radiation—again—and still be on the field in 2017,” Amy said. “So to see him go out for that first practice …”

Baseball has helped heal the Beasleys. For Andre as a player, and Amy as his coach.

When Andre hung up his cleats at the end of summer 2016, he appeared to be a healthy kid. But by early fall, he had been re-diagnosed with Wilms tumor, the most common type of kidney cancer in children.

His first bout with Wilms was in 2013; a Stage II tumor. When it came back, doctors called it Stage IV.

Andre spent the winter and early spring in and out of the hospital. His treatment ended the week before baseball started.

A second baseman and centerfielder, Andre said baseball takes his mind off cancer.

“He set a goal and made it his purpose to be ready and back on the field with all of his friends,” Amy said. “He loves baseball.”

Andre described the healing effect of baseball in teen-age boy terms: “It kind of put my mind at ease a little bit more.”

When the season started, he had no hair, and he wasn’t in running shape. But his teammates didn’t notice.

From her dugout perspective, Amy said, “They don’t think about his bald head under that baseball cap. They just go back to being kids.”

Meanwhile, Amy went back to being a coach. “I tend to coach by instructing, and helping them draw the connections between what they need to change and why they need to change it,” she said.

That’s the same approach she took to make her family whole again.

Amy Beasley with three of her five kids, Andre (middle), Austin (back), and AJ (far right). Missing: Ashley and Andrew.

“So many people say, ‘Oh, I could never be as strong as you are going through this,’” Amy said. “But really, you’ve got no choice. And so you find a strength that you never knew you had. Everybody has it in them. I just always hope no one has to see it like I’ve had to see it.”

Over two diagnoses, Amy said thinking of her son, and every cancer patient, as “just an average person who has gotten news the rest of us haven’t had to deal with” has helped her heal.

Andre fits the profile. Amy said, “He’s just a normal kid with a port in his chest, who has gone through a lot of medications. But he’s still the same teammate from last fall and summer.”

Watch Amy Beasley’s Video

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  • Paula Pope

    Andre, you deserve a ? medal, for being one strong young man. I can’t imagine going through everything you have and at such a young age. Your positivity is wonderful and I hope someday to turn on the T.V. and see you playing for a major league baseball team. God bless you ? and your angel mom- Amy.

  • Jing

    I hope you get better soon and beat cancer.we love ❤️

  • Donna Farmer

    An amazing young man & baseball player along with his equally amazing Mom. Thank you for sharing

  • Balu Rhett

    Hello mam, myself is Balu Rhett contacting you on behalf of PULSUS Healthtech. I would like to invite you to give a talk in our upcoming conference which is scheduled in June 18-19, 2018 @Rome, Italy. Conference Name: “3rd International Conference on Pancreatic Cancer and Liver Diseases ” runs under the theme “Making Life Better: Fight Against Pancreatic Cancer and Liver Diseases”.Conference is completely based on revolves around the major topic of cancer. Hence we request you to attend the conference and discuss about cancer and its outcome. Meet experts from all over the world who are attending this conference and share your experience in our conference along with your son. I will be waiting for your response. Revert back to me via email.

  • Pearl Bowen

    You sound like an amazing mother Amy. Sending blessings for Andrew’s journey.

  • Carol A. Port.

    Andre, I am impressed. Baseball is my favorite sport. I’m a Yankee fan. A friend of mine created a title for kids like you. From now on you’ll hold the title Andre Balboa. I pray for Jay Balboa (leukemia) Chelsea Balboa ( my daughter and a spinal cord injury patient) Austin (internal decapitation and quadriplegic). Cindy Balboa (kidney cancer) Cole Balboa ( Leukemia) Joel Balboa (Leukemia). I’ll be praying for you if you don’t mind. Catch the ball with both hands! ????????????

  • Jan & Bev Noles

    I really appreciate following along with this site available. I like how you put it Amy, thinking of your son, & every cancer patient as “Just an average person who has gotten news the rest of us haven’t had to deal with.” I admire the courage I see in you, & all of your family, to just keep moving forward, come what may. It encourages others to accept things in their own lives, & move forward. Good Days Now to you all.

  • The Jerabek Family

    What a great article, pictures and video! I have been so thankful for Caring Bridge throughout Andre’s journey!!

  • Renee Martin

    We are so thankful to CaringBridge to help keep us connected with everyone who cased about how Andre was doing. As Andre’s grandma, I could send people there to stay in tune with his progress, or just copy and paste the post for others to read.

    Fortunately, my daughter takes after her dad and can keep you entertained as you read his journal from the first diagnosis to the end of his last treatment.

    Thank you CaringBridge for this avenue of communication!!